So tell me.....

What is going on here?

Good question! This site was created to share all the lovely creations floating around in the void between my ears. I enjoy all forms of art and like to dip my little toes in all of them. I am also looking to sell a few of these creations to feed the ever hungering monkey living in my basement. Scroll down for more play by play details.

Ok so what is wrong with you ?

Hi. I am Mike

I have been drawing for as long as I can remember. I'm kind of old, so that's long. I discovered the joy of using ink in my late teens and have been using it with impunity since. Shorty after photoshop came into my life and allowed me to ad color and even draw digitally! GAME CHANGER. I enjoy creating in all manners from line art, digital are, painting, carving, graphic and web design and even bush crafting. I am always trying different mediums and ideas. It is neat. I implore all of you reading this to branch out and try different things creatively. Who knows what might become your new passion! Be the questionable person you deserve to be.

closeup photo of assorted-color book lot
closeup photo of assorted-color book lot

So what about the Monkey thing?

Funding a habit with a habit.

Art is an expensive habit. A habit that is referred to as the basement monkey. I love creating with the monkey but two things happen during this process: you burn up a bunch of art supplies and you end up with a lot of art lying around. I figured selling some of these projects will both feed the monkey and free up some space before I am crushed by the growing stack of art.