I now own a laser

I have purchased a laser engraver/cutter! Once i get a good grip on how to function this lovely piece of machinery expect to see some creations! Hopefully one of those creations isn't fire. Excitement ensues.


12/13/20221 min read

Good day distinguished individuals!

I have migrated the site to a new host and figured I'd do a little redesign in the process. There are a pile of files to move around art wise so it may take some time to get everything ship shape. As you can also see I plan on implementing a small shop of sort to sell some of my lovely creations to any willing participants! I am planning on buying a new tool in the near future that should let me make some pretty cool stuff, some of which can be personalized! I'm excited to share that with all of you as soon as I order it. In the meanwhile, stay questionable!